What, no sewing news?

11 July 2008 at 11:38 am (Thoughts)

I haven’t had the time to touch my sewing machine at all this week. What’s up with that?! I’ve been trying to get my stuff in order in preparation of my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, this weekend. We leave on Sunday, and I foresee that it will be as crazy as ever — I’m going with NINE other people (my loony university mates)! Large groups on tour are often quite a circus, and ours is no exception.

As usual, I’m trying to travel light, and as usual, I’m finding it tough. I just can’t recycle old clothes…. How does one enjoy a holiday in smelly old clothes? Plus, I hear that Cambodia is hot this time of year, and a fresh change of clothes to start each day is worth a heavy bag, I reckon.

When I get back, I’ve planned to do a movie marathon of Japanese films (the annual Japanese Film Festival starts 17th of July, the day after I get back!) so that means yet another weekend without sewing…. Maybe I’ll get some cutting done instead. In readiness for the following week! I’ve been meaning to make a couple more of my Button-Up Bags as gifts for some dear friends. After that, maybe I’ll finally get round to my Thermos flask carrier.



  1. Selvi the Flyng Fox said,

    I’m totally loving the bag you made me! And that also means I went to Cambodia and came back with FOUR new bags – the 2 gajahs, the black one & yours!

    Thank you SO much!

  2. honeyanddaisy said,

    I’m glad you like it! I totally enjoyed making it despite the very bad stitching around the heart! Didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to but since you were arriving the next day, it was too last minute to fix. 🙂

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