And finally … my Cambodian silk

1 August 2008 at 8:05 pm (Fabric collection) ()

I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by. I’ve been having a cold, and went through some dog drama when I was at my sickest…. My silly dog, Honey, got herself stuck fast in the wooden fencing in the backyard. So I tried pushing. Then pulling. For about an hour. The problem was that she just wasn’t cooperating. I was so tired and frustrated, I almost started weeping. To cut a long drama short, I finally managed to muster enough strength to force one paw back from whence it came, and so saved the day I did. But then I KO’d for the rest of the day. The next day, I could barely move; my arms felt like they would fall out of their sockets if I did anything.

Well anyway, most of the pain is gone, and so I’ve finally gotten round to taking photos of the silk cloth I bought from Cambodia. I’m sure it’s not the best-grade silk out there, but I think it’s quite pretty. And now that I know the kind of effort it takes to weave a piece of cloth, I like it even more.

There were a few other pieces that had more standard patterns, and they were quite dazzling too, but I couldn’t resist the hues on this piece. I actually get more of the grey than of the coloured pattern, but I love the combination, and I think it’s worth what I paid for it. (Of course, I say that not having tested it for colour-fastness yet, but I think even if it does run, there’s much I can still do with the fabric.)

Of course, now that I’m looking at it and adoring it, I’m not sure I’ll have the courage to cut into it just yet. I’ll have to find just the right kind of project for it … and it shall stay in my linen cabinet till I find the perfect project.


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