Sometimes, things just do whatever they want

25 August 2008 at 3:38 pm (Crafted!) ()

Fortune cookie bag

Fortune cookie "oops" bag

This is actually the second bag I ever made — which was quite some time ago! It was a pattern I got off the Martha Stewart website. I excitedly got out my fabrics and tailor’s chalk and all the rest of it … and cut the cloth wrongly. I had somehow managed to reverse one side of the bag, so the grey lining ended up on the outside on one side. Duh!!!

But I didn’t want to waste the fabric (and I didn’t want to cut new pieces out, not being sure if this pattern was one I would like), so I went ahead and completed the bag anyway. When it was finished, I placed it into the cabinet and sort of forgot all about it. Poor thing! I finally pulled it out of oblivion and was like, hey I had forgotten all about you! Taking a look at it, it doesn’t look too bad really. Not what I expected, but it’s a sweet little thing still. It’s just a little bit … well … reversed.

Back view

Back view

Side view

Side view

So, anyway, pros and cons of the design of the bag itself? Pros — it’s cute, compact, and because the handles interlock, you can be sure your things won’t fall out. Cons — you need both hands to operate this bag (one to hold the shorter handle, the other to pull the longer handle out). Although I guess this goes for every “hand-held” handbag, as opposed to shoulder bags. I don’t use too many of those for practical reasons. I always find my hands full and can’t be mincing around with a little bag that needs more attention than usual. 🙂

How to save this bag? It might serve better as complementary item to a larger bag maybe. Because it’s essentially a one-handle bag, it could be hooked on to a bigger bag and things won’t fall out and such. Bags within bags can be tricky and fussy, though. Hmm. I’ve got to think a bit more on this one.


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  1. Elizabeth said,

    I bought a bag just like this in Italy! It was made of Italian leather and I like it for all of the reasons that you listed above . . . Hmm . .. maybe I should try to make one of these too!

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