New project: Collared blouse

4 September 2008 at 5:42 pm (Thoughts) ()

Cute collared blouse

To do: Make cute collared blouse

I saw this in a Japanese sewing book and totally loved it. I haven’t worn a blouse like that in what seems like forever. I’ve never made anything with a collar, so this will be a hoot to do. Either that, or I’ll be swearing like a fishwife.

So I went to look for fabrics and fell in love with this:

Lovely stripey fabric

What I'm planning to use: lovely stripey fabric

From a distance, the solid stripes looked sort of pinkish red to me. Anything with pink & red is right down my alley so I bought it, of course. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it’s actually closer to a reddish orange. I’m selective about shades of orange, but I guess I’ll trust my original instinct and withhold judgment till the garment is done.

I need cotton bias tape for this project, and I can’t for the life of me find the right shade in my usual haberdashery. They tried to talk me into buying a cream-coloured satin bias tape but it looked rather … el cheapo. I’ll have to keep looking. Dressmaking isn’t as popular as it used to be, say 20 years ago, so it’s hard to find supplies. It’s hard to even find crochet hooks anymore, and this was such a craze just a decade or two ago. People are forgetting basic living skills, preferring instead to throng the malls, eat at fast food restaurants and buy poorly made, mass-produced things. Wake up! Wake up!


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  1. Judy said,

    Hi Juliana – what a neat blouse. I was also reading back to some of your previous posts and I love the top that you made – let me get this straight – you made your first-ever garment to wear – WITHOUT A PATTERN? Yikes! That’s what I call clever. And it is really nice to boot!

    About the crochet – and the little flower pattern – if it is not too much trouble I would love to have the directions. I am sure I could probably find directions using Google – but it would be much more fun if I had them from another blogger!

    If it’s easy you could e-mail them to me at … thanks! ;o)

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