A good cook needs a good apron

12 September 2008 at 8:41 pm (Crafted!) ()

An apron fit for the queen (of the house)

An apron fit for the queen (of the house)

And so, here it is! My version of a good apron for the best cook in the world, my mum! I wanted to make an apron that’s functional, yet stylish. Being the style maven that she is, my mum has never, ever walked out of the house without looking her best.

I chose black linen for the front, and durable grey cotton for the backing. I decided to do a double-layer apron because she specifically mentioned she needed an apron to prevent oil splatters from ruining her clothes.

For accents (the straps and pocket), I decided to use the remainder of my Japanese cotton fabric as a bright contrast to the black linen.

I thought sewing an apron would be easy peasy after all those tricky bags I’ve been dealing with, but I still had to bust out the seam ripper — at least it was just once this time! The illustration showing how to hem the chest piece was misleading, so I went ahead and did whatever I could to make the finishing as neat as possible.

I like the way this turned out. If I had any complaints, it would be the weight of the linen. It turned out heavier than I thought it would be. But overall, I’m pleased as punch with the results. And mum likes it, so yay!


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