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Maple leaves notebook cover

Maple leaves notebook cover

I can’t tell you how much I love stationery. Being in a stationery shop, even if it’s badly stocked, gives me a rush. I love being surrounded by notebooks, pens, colour pencils, files, cardboard folders, glue, post-it notes, staplers and other such things. I love it, maybe because of the possibilities they hold. It explains why I have so many notebooks, sometimes keeping 3 or 4 journals going (for different topics, of course), and why I still itch for more the moment I step foot into a stationery shop.

I especially love the specialist stores. The designer papers, the imported scrapbooking tools, the atrociously priced paint brushes…. Heaven! I love peering into the glass cases, where they keep the expensive stuff. I look at every shelf, hoping to see something really clever and life-improving. I invariably end up paying for something or other that I “really need.” Well, most recently, I decided I really needed some Moleskine notebooks. They came in sets of three, with plain brown covers. They did look kind of plain, so of course, notebook covers came to the rescue.

I decided to use the Japanese cotton I had been hoarding for a while now. When I first saw this fabric, I fell head over heels in love. The fabric itself has a slight sheen and I just love the shimmery gold outline on the floral motifs.

I like the way this notebook cover looks, so I’ll definitely be making more. Next time, I think I’ll make a slot for a pencil/pen as well.

Pretty stationery! I’m in bliss!



  1. Jen V. said,

    We love stationery as well! I hope you will visit our stationery store online at http://www.somethingaboutstationery.com

    Thank you,

  2. 3x5er said,

    What kind of notebook do you have inside the cover?

  3. honeyanddaisy said,

    Dear 3×5er, it’s a Moleskine Cahiers journal. Thanks for coming by!

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