Out of a fairy tale: Jack and the Bean Bag

13 October 2008 at 1:27 pm (Crafted!) (, )

Ginormous bean bag (left), normal bean bag (right)

Ginormous bean bag (left), normal bean bag (right)

Funny story. I meant to make five bean bags that’s similar in size to the pink one (right bean bag in the photo). But somehow … I ended up with one super-large bean bag, three times bigger than I intended, which I stuffed anyway, just for fun. By the way, the smaller, pink bean bag is one of five that I bought at a market stall in Takayama, Japan, two years ago. I don’t play with bean bags anymore, obviously, but I just had to buy them. Two things made them impossible to resist: 1) the cute Japanese cotton fabric, 2) the promise of a walk down memory lane.

“Five stones” is a game we used to play as kids, and it was played with five bean bags. They need to be small enough to fit into a child’s hand, so you can imagine my amusement when I saw how mine turned out. Funnier still, I used to make bean bags when I was in primary school. The ones I used to make were a lot easier, though. Those were rectangular in shape — no guessing games there.

If you know me, you’d know I love revisiting old times. So when I saw a pattern for bean bags I had never seen before, I had to have a go at it. This pattern came from a book of sashiko projects I bought some time ago (sashiko is a form of traditional Japanese embroidery). A lot more complicated than the plain old rectangular ones, but more interesting to look at.

Another attempt is in order. Watch out, Jack, more bean bags are a-coming.



  1. *s* said,

    Your blog is awesome – can I just say that?! 🙂

    Anyway y/day we had a work event … and one of the prizes we got were bags from Flowerdrum! And I remembered how you used to have SO many of those and you’ve taken me to the designer’s house even. How great is it that now you make yr own bags?!

  2. Five stones: Japanese bean bags (a sewing tutorial) « Honey & Daisy : sewing and other lovely things said,

    […] bean bag. Somehow, I still ended up with a larger-than-expected bean bag. It’s smaller than Mr Giant Bean Bag (on the left), who has a whole postcode to himself, but still. Can kids playing with 5 bean bags of […]

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