The fly-by-seat-of-pants scissor pad

14 November 2008 at 8:52 pm (Crafted!) ()

The Great Hurry scissor pad

The curry-puffed scissor pad

Usually, I like to be precious about some things. Like taking the time to iron a completed project before taking photos of it. Not this time. I decided to take a picture of it, as is. In fact, this scissor pad sits on my sewing table in its unironed, embroidery-hoop-marked glory, because I keep forgetting to include it during my sessions with the ironing board.

In any case, this state of undone-ness fits in with the circumstances in which this scissor pad was created. I wanted a fast project, and I wanted to make use of my fabric remnants. Check, check. Okay, mission accomplished!

I have to say I really enjoy having a padded surface for my scissors. I love padding; it reminds me of my Humpty Dumpty’s hands and feet, which are padded. Now I want to make more padded things. Maybe a lunch-box cosy?



  1. *s* said,

    Remember the blue gel-filled puffy design Benetton t-shirt you used to have? The ‘George Michael’ one?! Yes, you have certainly shown yr affection for all things puffy. Well, almost all la …

    Nice spelling of ‘karipap’, btw! LOL!

  2. myheart4him said,

    What is a scissor pad?

  3. honeyanddaisy said,

    It’s like a mouse pad, but for scissors! I put the pad on my sewing table next to my sewing machine, so that the table doesn’t get scratched from my picking up & putting down my fabric scissors so frequently (and not always too carefully!).

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