A Huffing & Puffington Post: Argh, gauge! (Crochet woes)

17 November 2008 at 1:44 pm (Thoughts) (, )

find the right gauge

Mission impossible: find the right gauge

I have a love-hate relationship with crochet. I love crochet, but I hate finding the correct gauge. Which is why, after a few failed attempts at crocheting something wearable, I gave up. Flowers are so much friendlier — big or small, they’re lovely!

Then I came across a tempting pattern for a shoulderette. So tempting I decided to give gauge another go. Well, the pattern calls for 20g crochet yarn, which I don’t have. So I tried it out with the different yarns I did have.

The grey cotton yarn (on the right) is way too thick and makes a motif double the size called for in the pattern.

This leaves me the white cotton crochet thread — the thinnest crochet thread I have in my stash — which I suspect is also a tad thicker than the pattern calls for (I’m off by about half an inch). I’m bad at visualising finished sizes in measurements, so now my dilemma is whether to continue and see where the white crochet thread takes me.


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