Mystery solved: Crocheted market bag emerges

10 December 2008 at 2:59 pm (Crafted!) ()

Ms. Market Bag taking a bit of a breather from the constant poking & prodding of the crochet hook

Ms. Crocheted Market Bag was glad that the constant poking and prodding of the crochet hook was finally over.

Finally! I finished this market bag last week, but I had forgotten one small, yet absolutely vital, detail. I consciously made the loops large, thinking I would be able to finish the bag quicker that way. Yes, it was quicker, but I forgot that it would stretch. A LOT. When I finished the bag, I put some heavy stuff in it to see how it would hold up. It held up all right, but it stretched almost to my knee!

No self-respecting crocheter will step out of the house with a market bag that threatens to stretch down to her knee when full of stuff, so I started frogging it. I ended up ripping out 2/3’s of the bag before I was happy with the size.

Moral of the story: When making up a pattern on the go, put stuff in the bag as you go along so you can see right away how much it will expand!

Another moral of the story: Loops needn’t be too large. It’s just way too stretchy that way, and I suspect it’s probably not strong enough for heavy groceries.

Truth be told, I’m not sure I’m totally confident that this bag is best for grocery shopping. I think I’d prefer using a shopping bag made of fabric for the heavy stuff. I’ve made some very useful shopping totes out of very lightweight calico cotton that have been surprisingly strong and durable. I’ll still give the crocheted bag a trial run though.

Even though this wasn’t a rousing success, I have to say that I enjoyed the process. Spontaneity feels almost as good as instant gratification.


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