Who doesn’t love Polaroids? Or Poladroids, for that matter?

8 January 2009 at 4:34 pm (Discovery) (, , )

How pretty is this pretty poladroid picture?

A pretty poladroid picture of an ancient trishaw in Penang, Malaysia

I’ve been secretly wanting an instant camera for ages now. Even though I know it’s totally impractical. It reminds me of days of yore, when we were young, and my dad was still interested in taking photos of us with his Polaroid camera. The camera’s gone missing now (I assume so), and last I checked, Polaroid doesn’t make instant cameras anymore. There are lomo instant cameras, but way too expensive for a toy, which is basically what it will be in my hands.

So it was really exciting when I found out about Poladroid (thanks to my latest favourite blog,  evangelione!). It’s a cool free tool that turns your digital photos into polaroid-looking images. It’s just amazing. I’m totally enthralled by the results.

p/s – I took the above photo at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang. Plenty of history and intrigue, and a hauntingly beautiful place.



  1. Huey said,

    How about lomography? My and my boyfriend (especially my boyfriend) has been waiting for the right time to get one! I have an old one but it’s no longer functional.

    • honeyanddaisy said,

      Hi Huey! Great to see you here. Lomo is fun, but an expensive hobby!

  2. Huey said,

    LOL! Yeah I have to agree with that. That’s why we are still waiting… >.<

  3. kubhaer said,

    hey H&D,

    Fuji make a polaroid equivalent which is quite fun to use and definitely not as expensive as the Lomo.

    Each pack of film = 10 pics = RM25 if i remember correctly

    ch-ch-ch-check it out

    gong xi gong xi


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