Chirimen flowers shall end the craft draught

19 February 2009 at 3:48 pm (Crafted!) (, )

Chirimen flowers for milady's crowning glory

Chirimen flowers for milady's crowning glory

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve had any time to feel crafty. Having two dogs and a cat takes up more hours in a day than I would have imagined. I’m a lot quicker at cooking for the dogs nowadays; I’ve learnt not to try to be too fancy with the ingredients. Luckily, the cat isn’t as picky as my princessy dogs — she eats anything I put in front of her!

In any case, I managed to attend a workshop last weekend to make these cute hair clips. The flowers are made with chirimen, a type of crinkled silk cloth usually used for making kimono. I really enjoyed the workshop, simply because it’s been so long since I’d sewed anything.

The overall design I’m personally not too crazy about — it’s a tad too kiddie for my liking — but it’s certainly given me ideas on how to go about making a hair clip I’d actually wear, or using the elements on other projects.



  1. inkypots said,

    ooh… these would be awesome as single flowers!!! etsy it!

  2. honeyanddaisy said,

    you mean etsy this, or make new ones??

  3. Huey said,

    Etsy it means listing on Etsy?

  4. honeyanddaisy said,

    hmm…. i’m just not sure it’s good enough. 🙂 but maybe you’re right. i’m not going to wear it myself, so might as well see if anyone else would like to have it!

  5. inkypots said,

    yup yup i think you should sell these, and make more in the way you like and also sell 🙂

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