Notebooks, glorious notebooks!

26 February 2009 at 2:34 pm (Discovery) (, )

Kawaii! A spoof of the school exercise book

Kawaii! A spoof of the school exercise book

I haven’t spent a dime on notebooks in recent times (well, in the past five weeks at least) but I could not resist this one!

I was just minding my own business in a bookstore, when a colourful display of notebooks, gift-wrapping paper, cups and other lovely stationery caught my eye. I just meant to have a closer look, not really meaning to buy anything, but then … wham!

They were so cute! The designs! So cute! And I saw that it was printed with soy-based ink (environmentally friendly!) and it was made locally (buy local!) so how could I resist? I chose the one with the mock school exercise book cover, because of the nostalgia factor. (Till today, I still can’t resist stocking up on those soft-cover school exercise books.)

Seriously speaking, though, these hard-cover notebooks were made with good-quality cream-coloured paper (the shade of which I like), and it had a rubber-band binder (which every notebook should have). The A5 notebook cost me RM15.90, which I felt was reasonable, given the quality of the paper and the pleasing designs.

I would have loved to include a couple of visuals of their stuff, but their website isn’t ready yet. If you’re in KL and lurve all things stationery, check them out. Love, love, love!

Milk is good

Milk is good

Moof website (still under construction at the moment)


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  1. Kyoko said,

    Oh, I love the spoof exercise book! You know, it is strange that in Japan as well, majority of the exercise books are in A5. Here in the UK it is all A4.
    It looks like moof is a great company. I can’t wait to see the website open! 😀

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