The many faces of Honey

11 May 2009 at 1:45 am (Thoughts)

Honey - I could use a massage right now

Honey - I could use a massage right now

My life is on hold while I’m on my teaching course, so I’ve had no time to make anything. Although this is supposed to be my sewing/crafting blog, I’m going to have to digress a little and talk about the next most interesting thing … my dogs. (Hehe.)

The past few days have been sweltering. It’s so hot that Honey and Daisy will just lay in front of the mist fan (what a wonderful invention) like they’re concussed. They usually siesta in the afternoons, but I’ve never seen them so knocked out.

Honey, the elder of the two, is quite the sensitive soul. She can be moody, too. Unlike Daisy, who’s always (but always) up for rubs, she has to be in the right frame of mind for human interaction. She would always come if called, but she doesn’t always like too much attention. She’s slightly bigger than Daisy, so she’s the “boss”. I’ve seen her exert her authority a couple of times — if she wants to be in the doggie container (which is Daisy’s spot), Daisy usually lets her have it. Quite the bully! But she’s a super-obedient girl — she knows the rules, and she never breaks them. She knows no jumping on the human is allowed, and she’s yet to jump on me. Which is a very good thing — she’s now so big I can’t carry her anymore. A far cry from when she first came to us. She didn’t like the pellets we were feeding her, so she started eating less and less. Poor thing. But since I started cooking for them, she’s become quite the food vacuum cleaner.

So, this photo was taken just before siesta time, when Honey was obviously groggy from the afternoon heat.

Then, there was a sound at the front gate, and…

Honey - who goes there: friend or foe?

Honey - who goes there: friend or foe?

… right away, she put on her “who’s that” face. Check out the ears!

Daisy, the slacker, is still drunkenly enjoying the mist from the fan, totally unaware of any noise or movement whatsoever, front gate or otherwise.

My lovelies. My life would not be full without them.

More about Daisy next time!



  1. Kyoko said,

    Such a sweet Honey and Daisy! They must be quite hot in summer with all that fur. My family has a long haired cat in Japan and he gets really hot during the summer (you can imagine it gets very hot there in summer). So he gets a hair cut! 😀
    I started to feed Wata some good soft food after finding out that is has a cancer in 2007. Every now and then I cook something for him (e.g. chicken or cod) and he loves it. Do you follow some special recipe or something? I just boil the meat… I wonder if there is a recipe as cuh for pets!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend/.

    • Juliana Choo said,

      Hi Kyoko,

      Thanks for your message! I’m so sorry … I didn’t know Wata had cancer. Poor thing! He looks very well though. I would never have guessed it.

      Well, for my dogs, I do make different things all the time, depending on how much time I have. 🙂 The usual recipe involves minced chicken and eggs. Dogs don’t have problems with cholesterol, so I feed them quite a lot of eggs! (2 eggs a day). I’m not sure about cats, though… My favourite way to cooking is steaming, cos that’s so easy. Mix up the minced chicken with the eggs, steam for about 10 minutes, and I’m done! Sometimes I’ll add in a bit of cabbage for sweetness. Or chopped up carrots. Just for a change of menu. 🙂

      I’ve been so busy studying I haven’t had time to update my blog as often as I like. I’m glad you’re still coming by, even though there’s been almost no activity on the blog!! Thank you! I’m looking forward to business as usual once my course ends next month. Looking forward to it!

      Have a great weekend, Kyoko!

      Regards, Juliana

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