Colours from the garden: Call me Bob

25 May 2009 at 11:18 pm (Thoughts) (, )

Pretty maidens in a bunch

Pretty maidens in a bunch

The nice thing about a tropical garden is a sight like this on a cool, breezy evening.

Guess what they’re called.

“Chicken shit flower.” (A direct translation from Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.)

Oh, poor maidens, surely that does you injustice!



  1. Kyoko said,

    I never knew! It’s incredible! I love the plant though since I was a child. I cant’ remember what it is called in English / Japanese. Is it the one that change colours over time? I think tropical flowers are so beautiful.

  2. honeyanddaisy said,

    A really unfortunate name for such pretty flowers! I’m not sure if it changes colour over time … don’t think so, though. I have no idea what they’re called in English, else I could look it up! 🙂

  3. inkypots said,

    hahahha… that is SUCH a chinese rain on my parade kinda thing to do!!! well being chinese, i will surmise that it is called chicken shit flower… because it responds well to being fertilised thus? 🙂

  4. honeyanddaisy said,

    That makes perfect sense! Haha!

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