Something Nice: Dance dance dance

22 June 2009 at 1:32 am (Thoughts) (, , )

Oh, it’s been some time since I’ve been to a tango workshop. I had passed on a few in the past year or so because there were a couple of times I didn’t learn anything at all, and because there were twice as many followers as there were leaders, I didn’t get to practice the moves much. Not only that, there was one workshop in which I had to be a leader, and I did it grudgingly, because, come on, I was paying to learn how to be a better follower.

When I heard that Eva and Patricio Touceda were going to be in town, I decided right away I would go. And I’m so glad I did. This was one of the best workshops I’ve been to so far. They went at a good pace, breaking things down into bite-sized pieces so that everyone could follow, and they were so patient and encouraging. It was such a pleasant learning environment.

I was awestruck by Eva–she was so statuesque and so utterly beautiful in every movement she made. How does one maintain such a beautiful line, and yet still look totally relaxed? She made it look so effortless, but I guess that sort of mastery comes with practice and a whole lot of talent.

What I really liked was how the instructions were clear and made absolute sense. No guessing games, which was much appreciated all around, I’m sure. There was  humour, too, and it made the workshop even better.

The bonus of watching such great teachers at work was also eye-opening for me as a fledgling teacher. They had the whole rapport thing going with the students, and they were kind even when we were doing less than brilliantly…. I have to make notes about all of this before I forget.

So this was a truly inspiring weekend for me, as a tango student and as a newbie teacher. It’s given me new impetus to do stuff, and to do it better. Lovely!

(About the video clip)
Eva and Patricio demonstrate the boleo here — they make it look so smooth and elegant, but it’s nowhere near as easy as it looks.


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