Daisy, the little sorceress

25 June 2009 at 9:56 pm (Thoughts) ()

Daisy's afternoon pose

Daisy's afternoon pose

Daisy is the younger of the two, and boy, does she know how to be the baby! This is her afternoon pose, which I find totally adorable! It’s like she’s getting prepped for a manicure. She’ll plop her paws in, and then she’ll rub her chin on the edge of the bowl. Her little quirks are really fun to watch.

Honey and Daisy may be sisters but they are quite different in temperament and even physically. Daisy has longer, silkier fur. Very flexible (check out this sleeping pose). Loves body contact; she’s always up for a belly rub. I think her favourite moment of the day is brushing time — the moment the hairbrush comes out, she comes running no matter what she’s doing. And she’ll let me brush for as long as I want, which is nice.

I used to think she was the rough and boisterous one, but because she’s slightly smaller and lighter than Honey, she sometimes gets bullied, poor baby. The dog container is actually her spot, but if Honey wants it (she never used to want it, but lately she’s been pushing her way into the container)), Daisy would let her have it. But of the two, Daisy is the headstrong one. She obeys only when it suits her — that is, when there’s a treat in my hand. When she does obey, however, she does it perfectly! (All the obedience stuff I learnt together with Honey I practised with Daisy at home.) But if she doesn’t want to sit, no matter how hard I push, her butt will NOT go down. Both are intelligent dogs, but Daisy … Daisy is the crafty one.

She has the most expressive puppy-dog eyes, and she certainly uses it to her advantage. There’s a look she often gives me–a sideways sort of glance that I can only describe as her being self-aware. Like she knows that she has the upperhand. What a cheek!


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  1. mymsie said,

    What a cutie!! 🙂

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