Keep going … you wouldn’t wanna miss this

7 July 2009 at 1:36 am (Discovery) (, )

Rice terraces at Gunung Kawi

Rice terraces at Gunung Kawi

This is my favourite view from the Bali trip. It looks almost unreal.

To think I almost missed it.

We were standing at the top of the hill, peering down at the twisting steps going steeply down and not seeing the end of the descent. We stood there for a long time, trying to decide whether or not we should go down, because the climb back up was not going to be pleasant.

The past 2 stops had not been great, and I didn’t really want to go all the way down for something lousy and disappointing. So I decided to waited for someone to climb back up to ask them. We were told that it was beautiful. Seeing two older people going down determinedly made us decide to keep going as well.

Am I glad we went down. It was the best stop we made.

Moral: When on holiday, don’t be (too) lazy.


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  1. sikiky said,

    I click your post (entry about Mama bag onm Dec 2008)because wordpress engine said ‘probably related post’to my latest post.
    As I browse your blog I saw your flickr badge and I wonder ‘hey, I know this place’ It’s Tampak Siring Palace near Kintamani,Bali isn’t it? 🙂
    Anyway, you did such a woderful job! I did crochet years ago,and lost almost all my neddles.

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