Voyeurism is educational

20 July 2009 at 2:00 pm (Discovery, Thoughts)

The Internet makes voyeurs of the best of us. I don’t usually care what people (famous or otherwise) had for dinner or whatever, but this particular “gossip” piece about one of my favourite actors (Steven Ma) caught my attention. The dish above — he made that, amongst other things. He cooked a meal for friends, and I gather that a journo was invited for the exclusive peek because there was a run-down of what he made for dinner and how his friends reacted to the home-cooked food.

I could be cynical about the whole thing and dismiss it as one of the many gossip-column publicity-centric thingamajigs, but I won’t, because the star in question has shown himself on numerous occasions to be nothing but serious, sincere — sometimes to the point of being blunt — and genuine. Mr Ma is smart about publicity, and there is nothing wrong with that if one has good intentions. I’ve heard some of his taped interviews, some were quite personal, and he answered intelligently, logically. I did need translation for most of the interview since it was conducted in Cantonese, but it’s always nice to hear how someone responds to a difficult question, even if it’s in another language.

I don’t usually fawn over celebrities because so much of their facade is manufactured and false, but I get a different vibe from Steven Ma. He’s a straightforward, thinking person’s man, and that’s what I like most about him. There’s nothing sensational or put-on, and he’s more interested in the job than the attention that comes with it. It’s pretty insightful to see how someone is able to deal with fame and the papparazzi in a most dignified way.

So, I’d like to think my voyeurism has some meaning; after all, I’m learning something from it.

Although knowing what my favourite star had for dinner one night did turn out to be pretty darn interesting, too.


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