The hard way is the only way

7 December 2009 at 10:00 pm (Thoughts) ()

When I first decided to teach, I did it partly because I believed it would make me a better learner. I just didn’t realise how right I would be. I’m not a better learner (yet) but I sure realise how vital it is to take ownership of your learning. It’s all too easy to think a once-a-week lesson will teach you everything you need to know and to leave the responsibility to the teacher, so to speak. I know now on a different level that language doesn’t just happen. Some elbow grease is required, too.

Having a direction helps. I think too often students are happy to let cards fall where they may, with disastrous results.

So here’s to me and my newfound direction. Can I stay the course?


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  1. inkypots said,

    what language is that? (sounding like an idiot but i really can’t tell the difference between chinese and japanese). Last November, I promised myself to learn chinese… but still haven’t started – would you know anywhere I could learn some mandarin?

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