Book bag in Black and Bird-on-Branch

1 January 2011 at 2:20 am (Crafted!) ()

2010 was a great year for me. I had stumbled upon the greatest adventure of my life — teaching. And I love it not just because I get to use stationery like there’s no tomorrow. (Although I do love that I get to do that.)

And so my old book bag took a real beating. The bamboo handles were a real trooper, though. It carried the weight of a ton of books (plus huge laptop) — without groaning — for the better part of the year. Then one of them decided it’s had enough and let loose its binding. So I couldn’t carry a ton of books without it splitting open. It’s repairable, though.

But the fabric of the bag hasn’t held up as well. The lining, which is a bit paper-like, pretty much started tearing halfway through the year. The outer fabric has suffered some pretty serious damage. Huge holes appeared in the corners of the bag, where I assume the corners of my books have strained.

So, I made myself a new bag. A present for 2011. A wish for an even better year. A pretty bag for a pretty bright year ahead. This one’s quite sturdy, and should see me through many years. I hope.

Happy new year, everyone!


1 Comment

  1. magpiecrafter said,

    that’s gorgeous! I love the shape. Can I ask what fabric that is, and where you bought it? I love that, too!



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