About me

I live in Malaysia, in a town called Klang. I enjoy the many things that life has to offer: crafting, eating, dancing, travelling, amongst other things. I pick up hobbies like there’s no tomorrow — some stick, some don’t. But I’ve discovered one thing about myself: if I keep coming back to something, it’s likely to stick long-term. I’ve been sewing since I was a wee girl — cross-stitch here, button-sewing there — but I didn’t realise till recently that I could make stuff! Even back then, it felt magical when I picked up a needle. It’s just starting to come together now. (It helps to have a sewing machine, too.)

I named this blog after the two lovely dogs who are part of our family, Honey and Daisy. Honey is the sweet, ladylike one, and Daisy is the cute, adorable one. We couldn’t have chosen better names for them, which is funny, because we named them before we knew what their personalities would be like.

I initially meant this to be just a sewing blog, but there’s just so many other lovely things to talk about, so I might digress if I find something interesting. I’ll try not to stray too far from the topic, though.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great day!



  1. Carol said,

    In a children’s book called “So far from the Bamboo Grove” I read about otedama. That’s what brought me to your blog. I wonder if they are still given as New Year’s gifts for children in Japan. When time allows, I’ll try my hand at making a few. Thanks!

    • JC said,

      Hi Carol, thanks for leaving a note! What a nice surprise, considering this blog has been pretty inactive (too busy for sewing projects these days). I suppose traditional gifts are now few and far in between in most modern cities. Perhaps in the smaller places they still hold on to some traditions! We have our own version of otedama in Malaysia — they look more like pillows. 🙂 Have fun making these ones though!

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